Accident Prevention Committee

Responsibilities: The Accident Prevention Committee shall serve as an advisory group to the Accident Prevention Coordinator. The committee may make recommendations for procedures and policies dealing with:

  1. Handling of volatile substances, their procurement, inventory level, storage, use, etc.;
  2. Training programs;
  3. Detection and correction of unsafe conditions or practices; and,
  4. Other areas of concern on campus which deal with health, fire and safety.

The recommendations of the committee shall be forwarded through the Accident Prevention Coordinator to the President of the university. The Accident Prevention Coordinator may make additional recommendations relative the committee's report.

Primary Responsibility Area: All University

Membership: Committee shall consist of seven members appointed by the President,(including one student nominated by the Student Government Association, five faculty members nominated by the Faculty Assembly, one staff member), and will include the Health Services Coordinator, the Associate Vice President for Campus Planning, Construction and Risk Management, the Director of Residential Living, the Director of UDPS and the Director of Human Resources.

Term: three-year, one-year student terms

Chair: Appointed

Members Expiration of Term
Mr. Scott Grubitz, Campus Planning, Construction and Risk Management - Chair ex officio, voting
Dr. Francine Richter, Languages and Literature, faculty member 9/30/2019
Dr. David Leaver, BGPS, faculty member 9/30/2017
Dr. Barbara Tucker, Education, faculty member 9/30/2017
Dr. Jamie Boyd, Fine Arts and Comm, faculty member 9/30/2016
Mr. Greg Tegarden, Fine Arts and Comm, faculty member 9/30/2018
Vacant, Student Representative 9/30/2015
Vacant, staff member 9/30/2018
Mr. John Hughes, Health Services ex officio, voting
Mr. Brad Gwatney, Residential Living ex officio, voting
Mr. Johnnie Holbrooks, UDPS ex officio, voting
Ms. Gail Collier, Human Resources ex officio, voting