Disciplinary Hearing Committee

Responsibilities: The purpose of the Disciplinary Hearing Committee is to hear those cases in which the accused student disputes the facts upon which the charges made by the university are based. Such charges shall be heard and determined by the Disciplinary Hearing Committee or by the Provost and Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs, but not by both.

Primary Responsibility Area: Alpine Campus

Membership: Committee shall consist of seven members appointed by the President, including five faculty members nominated by the Faculty Assembly and 2 students nominated by the Student Government Association

Term: three-year and one-year student appointments

Chair: Appointed by President

Members Expiration of Term
Matthew Hall, Student Representative 9/30/2016
Cassandra Hairston, Student Representative 9/30/2016
Ms. Linda McAnally, Business Administration 9/30/2018
Dr. Mark Rubin, Criminal Justice 9/30/2018
Dr. Elizabeth Measures, Biology, Geology and Physical Sciences 9/30/2016
Dr. Galen Privitt, Education 9/30/2018
Ms. Sandra Chambers, ACE 9/30/2016