Open Auditions for "The Pirates of Penzance"

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Studio Theatre
Fine Arts & Communication
Alpine, Texas, TX

Open Auditions for "The Pirates of Penzance" will be held Sunday, May 5th and Monday, May 6th at 6:00 p.m. in the Studio Theatre on the campus of Sul Ross State University.  Auditioners will be asked to sing and read from the script.  Roles available are listed below.  For more information, contact Dona Roman at 432-837-8219 or email




SAMUEL is a pirate and serves as the second in command to the Pirate King. Where the Pirate King is self-assured, assertive, and strong, Samuel is more bookish. Think of him as the accountant to the Pirates.  Vocal Range - Bb to Eb.



The Pirate King

The PIRATE KING – is a great comic role for someone who is self assured, a bit of a ham, and great at physical comedy and can hold a tune. This role is for someone who is inventive, fearless and willing to take positive risks.  Vocal Range - B to Eb




FREDERIC – is the male ingénue of the show. He should have a great voice that is polished. Frederic should also have looks that qualify as "dreamy" if at all possible. Think Taylor Lautner, Joe Jonas, Zac Effron or anyone who may be worthy of the cover of Teen Beat or Teen People.  Vocal Range - B to F




RUTH – is a humoristic tour-de-force for a young comedian. She should be able to play matronly but still be vibrant and full of energy.  Ruth should be an actor with a good voice and comic timing who can be bigger than life and be able to hold a vocal harmony by herself.  Vocal Range - G to Eb



Kate, Edith, Isabel

KATE, EDITH, ISABEL are the leaders of General Stanley's daughters. These three should be good singers, dancers, actresses and Edith should be able to hold a complex vocal harmony by herself.  Vocal Ranges - G to F




MABEL is the female ingénue. She must have a strong, polished, operatic or legitimate voice with a very wide range and the ability to sustain higher notes and handle vocal runs with ease.  Vocal Range - G to G



Major-General Stanley

MAJOR-GENERAL STANLEY is one of the signature character types in any Gilbert and Sullivan show. In The Pirates of Penzance, the Major-General is the character who delivers the rapid fire patter song.  This comedic role requires an actor with excellent rhythm and impeccable timing with superior diction and articulation.  Vocal Range - A to Eb



The Sergeant

The SERGEANT of Police should be a good singer and a natural leader when on stage. The Sergeant leads a bumbling police force, think "Key Stone Cops" as your inspiration.  Vocal Range - C to E




The POLICE should be great dancers and singers. The police are traditionally portrayed as "Key Stone Cops"; so performers who are very funny and physically adept will be great in this featured group.  Vocal Range - E to F#




The DAUGHTERS of Major General Stanley range in type and talent from great singers, dancers and actresses to any combination of the three.  Though mostly on stage as a group, each of these ladies is unique, possesing individual characteristics (silly, bored, awkward, jealous, brainy, etc).  Vocal Range - F to G




PIRATES - Rowdy! Loud! and Loveable! is the only way to describe this motley crew of sea-loving Pirates.  This kooky band of outlaws is a hodgepodge of individual personalities as wide as the actor's imagination will allow.  The more creative the actors, the more this group of hammy hooligans shine.  Vocal Range - Bb to F#