Dr Martin Urbina

Professor of Criminal Justice
RGC Natural & Behavioral Sciences
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Office: B 109, Eagle Pass
Address: Route 3, Box 1200, Eagle Pass, TX 78852
Web: http://blogs.sulross.edu/murbina
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Dr. Martin Guevara Urbina is author, co-author, or editor of over 50 scholarly publications on a wide range of topics, including several academic books.  His books include Latino Police Officers in the United States:  An Examination of Emerging Trends and Issues (forthcoming); Twenty-First Century Dynamics of Multiculturalism:  Beyond Post-Racial America (2014); Ethnic Realities of Mexican Americans:  From Colonialism to 21st Century Globalization (2014); Capital Punishment in America:  Race and the Death Penalty Over Time (2012); Hispanics in the U.S. Criminal Justice SystemThe New American Demography (2012); Capital Punishment and Latino Offenders:  Racial and Ethnic Differences in Death Sentences (2003, 2011); and A Comprehensive Study of Female Offenders:  Life Before, During, and After Incarceration (2008).  Currently, Urbina is working on three new academic books:  Making Sense of the American Juvenile Justice System:  Ethnicity, Race, and Social Control; Immigration and the Law:  From Conquest to the War on Terrorism; and The Color of Justice—The Price of Injustice:  Ethnicity, Race, and the American Imagination.  His work has been published in national and international academic journals, to include Justice Quarterly; Critical Criminology:  An International Journal; and Social Justice:  A Journal of Crime, Conflict & World Order.  For a complete list of Urbina’s research and publications, visit his faculty website.