Instructional Technology Committee

Responsibilities: The responsibilities of the committee are to:

1. Review the proposals and recommendations submitted by the Instructional Technology User's Group.  These proposals and recommendations may be tentatively approved, rejected, or returned to the user's group for modification.

2. Review and approves/rejects/returns submitted proposals and recommendations to establish or modify academic IT standards and policies.

3. The tentative decisions reached by this committee are submitted to the OIT Core Management Team for review and submission to the Steering Committee for final approval. Through these efforts, the Instructional Technology Committee ensures that IT initiatives are prioritized appropriately and that the respective needs of the various units have been considered.

Primary Responsibilitiy Area: All University

Membership: The committee shall consist of the Provost and Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs or appointment, 2 Academic Committee appointments, 1 Title V appointment, 4 Faculty Assembly appointments, and Chief Information Officer or appointment.

Term: three-year

Chair: Elected by Membership

Members Expiration of Term
Dr. Angela Brown, Mathematics, Faculty Assembly Rep 9/30/2017
Dr. Laura Payne, Language and Literature, Faculty Assembly Rep 9/30/2017
Mr. Edward Bergin, Library, Faculty Assembly Rep - Secretary 9/30/2016
Mrs. Mazie Will, Industrial Technology, Faculty Assembly Rep - Chair 9/30/2017
Ms. Brandy Snyder, Title V, Learning Communities, Academic Committee Appointee 9/30/2015
Mr. Don Dowdey, Academic Committee Appointee 9/30/2016
Ms. Sandra Bogus, Title V, Title V Rep 9/30/2016
Dr. Jim Case, Executive Vice President and Provost for Academic and Student Affairs ex officio
Mr. David Gibson, Office of Information Technology ex officio