Latest News from Sul Ross March 31, 2014


    Sul Ross State University faculty member Dr. Mark Saka was honored at the annual Southwest Council of Latin American Scholars conference, held March 27-29 in San Diego, Cal.
    In addition, Saka, professor of History, and Dr. Filemon Zamora, assistant professor of Spanish, presented papers at the conference.    
    Saka (left) received the Harvey Lee Johnson Book Award for the outstanding history book in Latin American history for his publication of “For God and Revolution: Priest, Peasant and Agrarian Socialism in the Mexican Huasteca.” His book was published in 2013 by the University of New Mexico Press. Noted Mexican historian John Mason Hart (at podium) made the presentation.
    Zamora presented “Why remember the Guerra de Castas in Península, Península by Hernán Lara Zavala?"  His presentation analyzed a novel that  recreated the largest Indian rebellion in the history of  Mexico in 1847. Zamora’s thesis maintains that this novel alludes to the contemporary situation in Mexico when 150 years later, in 1994, there occurred the Chiapas Indian rebellion. The author goes back to history to correct past mistakes. He makes use of history but also uses fiction to recreate the past.
    Saka also presented “Corn, Beans, and Wall Street: The Impact of American Agri-business on Mexican Agriculture in an Era of Free Trade.”
    For more information, contact Saka, (432) 837-8304 or



    Sul Ross State University students were among volunteers who helped to construct a wildlife water guzzler on the Adams Ranch in southern Brewster County.
    Working through the Mule Deer Foundation (, representatives from Texas Parks and Wildlife, Sul Ross, the Texas Bighorn Society, Dallas Safari Club and the Mule Deer Foundation worked to build a water collection structure March 7-8. The guzzler will allow rainwater and supplementally suppied water to be available for local wildlife year around.
    Located on the El Carmen Land and Conservation Co.’s Adams Ranch, the guzzler has a storage capacity of 4,600 gallons and a collection apron that will collect over 1,000 gallons for every inch of rainfall. Sul Ross Range and Wildlife Club members John Clayton “Kiddo” Campbell, Castroville; Thomas Janke, Granger; Felicia Rocha, Del Rio; and Chris Wood, Victoria, assisted in the construction.
    Funding for the project was raised through the Mule Deer Foundation and helped support a broad-based conservation effort underway on the Adams Ranch, ranging from mule deer and desert bighorn sheep to elf owls and Rio Grande silvery minnows. Benefits from this work and related conservation efforts are expected to extend onto adjacent ranches as well as the Black Gap Wildlife Management Area and Big Bend National Park.


(Top photo, from left): Kiddo Campbell, Castroville; Felicia Rocha, Del Rio; Thomas Janke, Granger; and Chris Wood, Victoria. (middle) Felicia Rocha welds support beam for guzzler frame; (bottom ) Thomas Janke drives in a T-post. (Photos Courtesy Thomas Janke)