EMBA Registration

After acceptance into the program, students may register for courses using the information sent with their acceptance papers. To know which courses will be offered and when, see the EMBA schedule.


Registration is conducted online through the Banner system in the weeks or months leading up to the first day of the term. Check the web registration dates to find out when to register for a particular term. Detailed registration instructions are also available online. For assistance, contact the SRSU Department of Business Administration secretary, alayne@sulross.edu.


Payment with Visa or MasterCard must be made while registering online. Tuition must be paid in full for each summer session; students may pay in full or arrange a payment schedule for the fall or spring semesters. To arrange scheduled payments, notify Alicia Layne, Department of Business Administration secretary, well in advance of registration. Students who request scheduled payments must pay according to the following schedule:

  • 50% at time of registration
  • 25% no later than the sixth week of the SRSU semester
  • 25% no later than the 11th week of the SRSU semester

A $15 late fee will be charged for each late payment. It is the student's responsibility to meet registration and payment deadlines.