Wireless Information Setup Page

This page includes information on how to connect to our wireless internet connection and how to troubleshoot wireless connection problems. All academic buildings have a high-end wireless cloud available for all Faculty/Staff and students of Sul Ross State University.  The only exceptions to this rule are the Industrial Technology building, the Residential Living Office, and the Lobo Village residence hall complex. (Lobo Villages 1-8)

SSID type: The basic SSID used to connect to our wireless access points is Lobonet.

Lobonet is the encrypted wireless connection for students using handheld devices and laptops.  To connect your Apple iPad or iPhone, Please refer to the following instructions to connect to our lobonet SSID: Connect your iPhone and/or iPad to Lobonet

To connect your laptop using Windows 7 as the operating system, please refer to the following instructions to connect to our Lobonet SSID.  This setup is very simple and only requires that you tell your laptop to "Connect" to Lobonet and then open a browser to get the Wi-Fi Network Login Disclaimer.


To see this window at the left simply click the Wireless or Wi-Fi Icon on the bottom right of your screen as seen in the image below.   The wifi icon is the stair-step with the yellow (!) mark on the image.  Simply Left Click that to see the connection choices at the right and select lobonet and then click Connect.  Then open a browser to get the Wi-Fi Network Login Disclaimer.

Troubleshooting WiFi Connection Problems: If you are having problems connecting to Lobonet with your Windows device then click on the Start Icon and select Control Panel and then Network and Sharing Center.  Now select Manage Wireless Networks and delete the Lobonet entry by selecting it and then selecting Remove on the horizontal Menu Bar. You can now go back to the beginning and connect to Lobonet as if you had not done so before.  Open a browser and you will see the Sul Ross State University information disclaimer page.