Telephone Services

Monthly Billing Procedures

The Office of Information Technology is responsible for the dissemination of monthly long-distance call detail statements and allocation of variable line charge rates. Included in the variable line charges are monthly recurring charges for local calling, circuit charges and miscellaneous fees assessed by telecommunication providers. Billing questions may be directed to the Office of Information Technology at extension 8707.

Policy for Account Manager Responsibilities

Long-distance calls are billed by account code to the appropriate general ledger account. All calls placed using the authorization code will be for Sul Ross State University business only. Personal use of this system is not allowed. Account managers are responsible for authorizing the assignment of codes to their respective employee and for reviewing the monthly call detail for employee. In reviewing monthly call detail, the account manager should consider the following. The average call lasts only about three minutes. Does the employee's position require lengthy conference calls? Is there an unusual pattern of repetitive calls to the same number with longer duration? Such patterns might indicate personal use and as an account manager you are responsible for ensuring the appropriate use of the state's resources.

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