OIT Projects in Progress

Projects in Progress: 5



Delivery Timeframe


Email, Calendar and Document Management Productivity Tools Evaluation, Selection and Implementation

Evaluate Google's Applications for Education and Microsoft's Office 365, select the best option for Sul Ross, and assist in implemention of a cloud-based email, calendar and productivity tools suite for the campus.

Summer 2014

A team of individuals from across the campus, to include faculty, staff and students, will perform the evaluation and select the product that is best suited for Sul Ross.  This project will start in January 2014.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Establish an alternate site as a disaster recovery location and implement the needed hardware and software in support of this effort.

Fall 2014

After some difficulty in getting a disaster recovery site established at Del Rio, we are evaluating whether to consider using the Del Rio location or looking for another location, such as that being offered by Texas State in San Marcos.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Implement a VDI infrastructure for use in computer labs.

Spring 2014

We are evaluating whether the VDI solution is appropriate for the Del Rio campus or whether the labs here in Alpine are better served by a VDI solution.  

Blackboard Migration to Hosted Blackboard Learn

Migrate from an onsite Blackboard to a cloud-based version hosted by Blackboard.  

Spring 2014

Working with faculty on final migration to Blackboard 9.


Annual Computer Refresh

Replace faculty and staff computers and student lab. computers as part of the HEAF 2014 cycle.

Summer 2014

Campus inventory is completed.  Ordering and delivery process has started.