Our Connection To The World

The LEARN Network

Sounds like a place of knowledge, doesn't it?  Actually it stands for Lonestar Education And Research Network.  Sul Ross is connected to LEARN which provides us with a 1Gbps link to the Internet.  We now have enough bandwidth to send content-rich Distance Education connections to other schools, Education Service Centers and Universities.  We have enough bandwidth to surf the web and to do major online research.  In short, we have enough bandwidth to meet the needs of our students, faculty and staff.  Learn more about LEARN here.

Anti-SPAM Filtering

Sul Ross employs the Barracuda Anti-SPAM Filtering device to severely restrict the flow of SPAM.  The Barrcuda blocks spam, viruses, phishing, DoS (Denial of Service) attacks, spoofing and other types of malware threats.  Below is a simplistic view of how it works.

VPN Access

Sul Ross has the capability to provide VPN access to faculty and staff members.  This allows off-site access to servers, desktops and other hardware hidden from the outside world by our Barracuda Firewall.  Requests for VPN access need to be entered as a ticket by going the LoboTAC website or calling in to LoboTAC @ 432-837-8888.