Student Organization


Bar-SR-Bar Mentors Advancing Student Health (MASH) is a peer educator club that functions much like a SHAC or Student Health Advisory Committee. SHACs are commonly found on larger campuses and serve as the student voice on health related matters.

MASH's role as the students' healthcare and wellness advocate is valuable to the overall mission of student life. The logo adopts the acronym of the U.S. Army's mobile surgical hospital. This field unit's story was the basis for the highly popular novel, film and television series. It's then branded by Sully's own Bar-SR-Bar.

Student health serves as the club's adviser. All academic disciplines are welcomed to join as healthcare and wellness are impacted by multiple markets. Group participation includes activities such as:

  • Certification in basic CPR and first-aid
  • Student presentations on health related topics
  • Skyline articles about healthier consumer choices
  • Assist with on-campus blood drives
  • Collaborate with SRSU's Alcohol and other Drug Coalition
  • Act as liaison between health services and student body
  • Local community health related activity

To join this student health advocacy group, e-mail or call (432) 837-8102.


Mission Statement

Bar-SR-Bar MASH is a peer educator club advocating for health and wellness through:

  • student representation for campus health matters
  • liaison between students and health services
  • presentations about the impact lifestyle choices have on physical and emotional well-being
  • development of decision making skills about healthcare products and services
  • promotion of habits to maintain a healthy body and mind