Open Student Jobs




Job Title



CSI Computer Lab Student Work Work Study/Institutional 7/24/2014
Languages and Literature Dept. Student Worker - Clerk Work Study 7/23/2014
Career Services and Testing Social Media Support Staff Work Study/Institutional 7/16/2014
VP for Finance and Operations Student Worker Work Study 6/25/2014
News & Publications Yearbook Editor Work Study/Institutional 6/24/2014
News & Publications Reporter Work Study/Institutional 6/24/2014
News & Publications Ad Sales Work Study/institutional 6/24/2014
News & Publications Designer Work Study/Institutional 6/24/2014
Biology Greenhouse Worker Work Study 6/23/2014
Library Interlibrary Loan Student Worker Work Study/Institutional 5/30/2014
O.I.T. Help Desk - LTAC Work Study 4/30/2014
College of Professional Studies Student Worker Work Study 4/30/2014
SR Dept of Public Safety Desk Clerk/Campus Operator Work Study/Institutional 4/30/2014
Library Circulation Department Circulation Desk Worker Work Study/Institutional 4/30/2014
Rec Sports Lifeguard Institutional 4/23/2014
Athletics-Football Equipment Manager Work Study/Institutional 4/3/2014
Athletics-Football Video Filmer Work Study/Institutional 4/3/2014
Post Office Clerk Work Study 4/30/2014
Child Care Center Student Worker Work Study/Institutional 4/30/2014

Off Campus Student Job Opportunities 

Field Service Technician for DATROSE posted 7/3/14

Warehouse/Drivers for Distribution Now in Monahans, TX posted 6/30/14

Forest Technician for U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service closes 6/13/14

Help Wanted for single male with disability posted 5/30/14

Emission Monitoring Technicians in Fort Stockton posted 5/21/14

Colorado Materials jobs in the Uvalde area   posted 4/7/14