Access and Equity Committee

Responsibilities: The responsibilities of the Access and Equity Committee of the Rio Grande College are to identify and respond to positive and negative factors that affect the recruitment and retention of under-represented students, faculty, and professional staff; and to identify concerns in the financial assistance process which affect the recruitment of under-represented students and recommend corrective actions

Primary Responsibility Area: Rio Grande College

Membership: Committee shall consist of seven members appointed by the president (including two faculty members (two-year term), two students (one-year term), one community member from Del Rio, Eagle Pass, and Uvalde (two-year term) and the Director of Admissions and Records, the Director of Business Operations and the Assistant Director of Financial Assistance.

Term: two-year or one-year

Chair: Director of Admissions and Records

Members Term
Tiffany Culver, Natural and Behavioral Sciences 9/30/16
Miriam Muñiz-Quiz, Education 9/30/16
Student Representative (to be appointed)  
Student Representative (to be appointed)  
Community Member, Del Rio (to be appointed)  
Community Member, Eagle Pass (to be appointed)  
Community Member, Uvalde (to be appointed)  
Monica Sandoval, Assistant Director of Financial Aid ex officio
Delia Ramirez, Director of Business Operations ex officio
Claudia Wright, Director of Admissions and Records, Chair ex officio