Convocation Committee

Responsibilities: The responsibilities of the Convocation Committee of the Rio Grande College are to plan and conduct the annual commencement at the Rio Grande College.

Primary Responsibility Area: Rio Grande College

Membership: Committee shall consist of two members appointed by the president (including one faculty member with a two-year term and one student with a one-year term) and the Director of Admissions and Records, the Director of Student Affairs, the President of the Rio Grande College Faculty Senate, and the Dean of the Rio Grande College.

Term: two-year, one-year

Chair: Dean, Rio Grande College

Members Term
Student Representative (to be appointed)  
Terry Carson, Business Administration 9/30/14
Paul Sorrels, Dean, RGC Chair ex officio
Director, Student Services ex officio
Wesley Wynne, Faculty Senate President ex officio
Claudia Wright, Director, Admissions/Records ex officio