Financial Aid Appeals Committee

Responsibilities: Students who fail to maintain satisfactory academic progress due to extenuating circumstances have the right to appeal their financial aid suspension.  The primary responsibility of the committee is to make recommendations on student appeals.  Students must make their appeals in writing and be willing to meet with the committee.  The committee will also annually review the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy and forward recommendatioins for changes through the Assistant Director of Financial Aid.

Primary Responsibility Area: Financial Aid - Rio Grande College

Membership: Committee shall consist of 4 members appointed by the President: the Assistant Director of Financial Assistance, one department director, and two members from the academic departments.

Term: two-year

Chair: elected by membership

Members Term
Terry Carson, Business Administration 9/30/16
Gina Stocks, Education 9/30/16
Wesley Wynne, Natural and Behavioral Sciences 9/30/16
Monica Sandoval, Assistant Director of Financial Assistance 9/30/16