Two-Year Online MBA Program

The Program

The two-year online Master of Business Administration program is a post-graduate degree program designed to prepare individuals to deal with all aspects of the complex and competitive world of business. The two-year online MBA imparts the latest organizational knowledge and perspectives.

Students are challenged to recognize and define changes critical to organizations regionally, nationally, and globally. The MBA professors impart academic theory, practical applications, research and teamwork to each course. The MBA curriculum includes the core content of accounting, economics, finance, management, and marketing.

The two-year online MBA is designed for students who are employed and located at remote sites from campus. Our hope is that our MBA graduates will benefit with career promotions and professional growth as a result of this distance learning opportunity.

The Blackboard learning platform is used to deliver these excellent courses. Students are able to network and learn from each other, as well as benefit from each others' career knowledge and perspective through online discussions.

All MBA students are required to take a comprehensive exam; more information and the exam schedule are explained here.

Degree Requirements (36 Hours)

Courses Hours
ACC 5307 3
ECO 5301, 5303 and 5304 9
FIN 5306 3
GBA 5301, 5304, 5309 9
MGT 5304 and 5312 6
MKT 5303 and 5305 6
Total 36