Master of Education - General with Alternative Certification

A master's degree in Education General requires 36 semester credit hours (SCH)  from Resource & Electives and Area of Specialization. All coursework requires approval of the major advisor and must be completed within a six-year period.

  • ED 5307 Technology in the Educational Setting
  • ED 5307 Graduate Research Must be taken within the first 12 hours
  • ED 5310 Organization and Structure of Public School Curriculum
  • ED 5312 Advanced Survey, Excpetional Children
  • ED 5360 Professional Roles and Responsibilities
  • ED 6308 Advanced Human Growth and Development
  • ED 6313 Teaching Reading in the Content Areas          

PLUS 15 SCH from the Area of Specialization with advisor approval

Advisor:  Scarlet Clouse   (432) 837-8013