Espino Conference Center


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Set-up Examples:


University Center Equipment List

Chairs: approximately 260
Chairs are available for use with or without tables, in whatever configuration needed for the meeting. The number of chairs will vary at any given time, depending on the number in use in other locations.
Display Boards: 12 sets
They have a posting area of 46-1/2" x 65" and may be used on both sides. They are hinged, so are used two at a time.
Dry Marker Boards: 4
These may be used free-standing on the floor or with legs collapsed to use on a table top.
Easels: 8
The easels may be used free-standing on the floor or with legs collapsed for table-top use. An optional bar is available for holding drawing pads, but pads are not provided.
Lecterns: 3
Media Carts: 2
These state-of-the-art carts contain a desktop computer w/CD/DVD ROM drive, speakers, and are connected to a data projector. Wireless remotes are available for PowerPoint presentations so the presenters are not tied to the media cart or lectern. Please be sure to indicate on the reservation request form any specific media cart needs, i.e., DVD, sound or Internet. It will speed up the process.
Mic Stands: Floor: 5
These stands adjust in height and can be carefully moved around the room, if necessary.
Mic Stands: Table: 8
These stands will adjust in height and can be moved around on the table, as needed.
Mics: Corded: 6
When mobility is not an issue, corded microphones can be used with either table or floor stands.
Mics: Cordless: 2
A cordless microphone can easily be set up for use if the speaker likes to move around the room.
Stage Pieces: 8
Staging is available for the slight elevation of a head table or speaker. It is possible to designate the configuration of the 4'x8'x7" pieces.
Tables: Conference: 90
2'x6' - Narrower than regular tables, these allow more seating but are too narrow for people on both sides. Three people can be seated on a side.
Tables: Long: 4
2.5'x8' - The long tables can be useful in displays or other settings where a little more than 6' is needed, but 12' is too much.
Tables: Regular: 8
2.5'x6' - These tables will accommodate three people on a side and are wide enough to allow seating on both sides.
Tables: Round: 33
60" across: Usually used for banquets, they can be set up with four, five or six people per table. It is possible to seat for seven or eight per table, but eight is not recommended unless absolutely necessar).
Table Cloths
Table cloths may be requested for the set-up through ARAMARK. If catering is not a part of the request, there will be a charge for linens.