SRSU Strategic Plan, 2003-2008

The SRSU Strategic Plan is dynamic, changing to meet the needs as time passes.

Strategic planning is essential to the future of Sul Ross State University. Efforts to provide direction and goals for the success of the university as it strives to become one of the premier regional institutions of higher education in Texas are reflected in and directed by the strategic planning process.

The current format for strategic planning was initiated in 1999 and has been in development at Sul Ross State University since that time. This version, identified as the Level II Strategic Plan, identifies six major goals for the university with objectives and strategies included in each goal area.

Once the appropriate Action Plans have been added by each area of the university, the plan, with annual or more frequent updates as necessary, will provide guidance into the foreseeable future.

The Strategic Planning Committee has played and will continue to play a major role in the development and oversight of this plan. Once the plan is complete and budget planning has been added, the oversight and reporting of progress on the implementation, and the annual update and extension of the plan will be the responsibility of the University Strategic Planning Committee.

This report on the strategic planning process has three key purposes:

  • To reaffirm and order the six strategic goals and present a list of 26 objectives and 94 strategies for the achievement of these goals,
  • To establish the direction for the addition of action plans to achieve each strategy, and
  • To identify expected outcomes and leadership for achieving the outcomes identified.

Planning is never a static process, and each year the plan will have areas where achievement is completed and new strategies and action plans will be added. In each strategy identified, the name(s) of the division of the university responsible for the implementation of the strategy is included.

This is not a mutually exclusive list nor is it intended to place sole responsibility for the strategy in a single area. This identification establishes leadership for the implementation of this strategy on a day-to-day basis and invites support and input from all areas of the university.

The Strategic Planning Committee will have the task of continually examining the strategic directions and priorities and recommending changes as appropriate.

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