Freshman Leadership Program Selection Committee

Responsibilities: The responsibilities of the Freshman Leadership Program Selection Committee are to:

  1. Review, evaluate and rank all applications and supporting materials for the Freshman Leadership Program scholarship recipients
  2. Present a recommendation of recipients and alternatives to the Associate Vice President for Student Affairs. The number of scholarships to be awarded each year will be determined by the University Scholarship Committee and the President.
  3. Develop recommendations for guidelines and policy considerations regarding selection of participants.

Primary Responsibility Area: Alpine Campus

Membership: Committee will consist of six members appointed by the president, including the Dean of Student Life, a representative from the Faculty, a representative from Enrollment Services, a representative from Enrollment Management, and two student representatives who have completed the Freshman Leadership Program.

Term:  1-year, unless otherwise noted

Chair: Dean of Student Life


Member Term Expires
Jonathon Will Hand, Student Representative former FLP member 9/30/2014
Beverly Rivera, Student Representative former FLP member 9/30/2014
Kathy Stein, ACE, Faculty Member 9/30/2016
Mary Beth Marks, Enrollment Management ex officio
Melissa Amparan, Enrollment Services Rep ex officio
Leo Dominquez, AVP and Dean of Student Life, Chair ex officio