Graduate Council

Responsibilities: The major responsibilities of the Graduate Council shall be to:

1. Recommend general policies and regulations for graduate programs, general admission requirements, foreign language requirements, procedures for conducting general examinations, criteria for admission to candidacy, regulations for the preparation of theses, and the coordination of interdisciplinary programs.
2. Recommend criteria for the graduate faculty and advise on proposed additions and deletions in graduate programs and graduate faculty when requested by academic deans/directors and department heads.
3. Assist and make recommendations on matters of institutional effectiveness relating to graduate studies, including adherence to standards of the university as printed in the catalog and to the accreditation criteria of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.
4. Periodically review graduate programs and make recommendations concerning their strengths and weaknesses.
5. Serve as liaison between the graduate faculty and administration.
6. Serve as an academic appeals body for graduate students.
7. Recommend policies on professional development of the graduate faculty.

Primary Responsibility Area: Academic

Membership: Appointed (shall consist of eight members of the graduate faculty elected by the Faculty Assembly)

Term: three-year

Chair: Elected by membership

Members Expiration of Term
Dr. Theron Francis, Languages and Literature 09/30/15
Dr. Lorie Rubenser, Criminal Justice 09/30/15
Dr. Esther Rumsey, Fine Arts and Communication 09/30/17
Dr. Pamela Marett, Business Administration 09/30/16
Dr. Christopher Estepp, Animal Science 09/30/16
Dr. Paul Will, Animal Science 09/30/17
Dr. Rebecca Schlosser, Education 09/30/17
Dr. Laura Payne, Languages and Literature 09/30/15