Honors Council

Course Proposal Form (Word, 120 KB, or PDF, 15.6 KB)

Responsibilities: The Honors Council shall administer the honors program and perform the following responsibilities:

1. Establish policies for the recruitment of students for the honors program.
2. Establish and monitor eligibility requirements.
3. Select and recruit honors faculty.
4. Evaluate the honors faculty.
5. Provide for the general assessment of the honors program.
6. Administer the honors program budget.
7. Direct fund-raising and develop grant proposals.
8. Direct the public relations for the program.
9. Provide honors advising for students.
10. Establish the sequence of honors courses for each year.
11. Determine the core requirements to be satisfied by each honors course.
12. Approve charters for academic honor societies and oversee those societies.
13. Establish standards for graduation with honors.

Primary Responsibility Area: University-wide

Membership: Appointed (shall consist of eight members: four elected by the Faculty Assembly, and three student members to serve 1-year terms as appointed by the Student Government Association, and the Director of the Honors Program)

Term: 1- year and 3-year

Chair: Elected by membership

Members Expiration of Term
Dr. Esther Rumsey, Fine Arts and Communication 9/30/2016
Ms. Sandra Chambers, Academic Center for Excellence, Chair 9/30/2016
Dr. Francine Richter, Languages and Literature 9/30/2018
Ms. Dona Roman, Fine Arts and Communication 9/30/2016
Dr. Kathy Stein, Honors Program Director, ACE ex-officio
, Student Representative 9/30/2013
, Student Representative 9/30/2013
, Student Representative 9/30/2013