Learning Community Planning Committee (Year 5)

This special committee is being formed by combining some of the Advising Committee members with some of the Learning Community members.  The charge of this committee is to assist the Title V Lobo Den in creating an implementation plan to sustain programs piloted by the Title V grant project. 

The committee will meet approximately once a month to develop the plan.  Faculty representation is essential in putting together a viable program to continue after the grant ends on September 30, 2013. 


Committee Members:

  • Esther Rumsey
  • Gregory Schwab
  • Md Kalam
  • Amy Moreland
  • Mazie Will
  • Rick Garcia
  • Lorie Rubenser
  • Paul Will
  • Bonnie Warnock
  • Patricia Harveson
  • Kathy Stein
  • Joseph Velasco