Master of Education in Counseling

School Counseling Certification requires the completion of the master's degree and two years of teaching experience.  The course requirements for a Master's degree in counseling are listed below. The Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors requires 48 sch for the Professional Counselor license in the State of Texas.

Core Courses (9 sch)

EDUC 5307         Graduate Research

EDUC 5315         Standardized Assessment Principles

EDUC 6308         Advanced Human Growth and Development

Counseling Courses (27 sch)

EDUC 5313         Career Counseling

EDUC 5314         Personality and Counseling Theories

EDUC 6318         Multiculturalism and Diversity in Counseling

EDUC 6319         Psychopathology          

EDUC 6321         Techniques of Counseling I

EDUC 6322         Techniques of Counseling II

EDUC 7302         Management of Counseling Programs

EDUC 7315         Group Counseling

EDUC 7316         Practicum in Counseling


Professional Counseling Courses

(12 sch for Licensed Professional Counselor)

EDUC 6303         Counseling Supervision and Consultation

EDUC 6316         Seminar in Counseling

EDUC 6320         Chemical Dependency Counseling

EDUC 6323         Marriage and Family Counseling

EDUC 6330         Play Therapy

EDUC 6333         Ethical, Legal and Professional Issues in Counseling

EDUC 7316         Practicum in Counseling