Sul Ross State University Executive Cabinet

The officers of central administration at Sul Ross State University are composed of six divisions.  Each division has a Vice President or Executive Officer in charge of several departments and each officer is a member of the President's Executive Cabinet.  The purpose of the Executive Cabinet is to study, review, and make recommendations on matters referred to the Cabinet by the President; to consider matters brought to the Cabinet by members; to consider university-wide issues and make recommendations to the President; to disseminate information on University activities; and to coordinate university-wide activities and policies.

Executive Cabinet meetings are held regularly on every Tuesday of the month. Meeting minutes are posted on the Library Archive Webpage.


Executive Cabinet Members

Bill Kibler, Ph.D.
Quint Thurman, Ph.D.
Paul Sorrels, Ph.D.
Cesario Valenzuela, M.B.A., C.P.A.
Denise Groves, M.Ed.

David Gibson, M.S.