Forthcoming Course Offerings

Students are encouraged to order their boks early - book lists will be posted both here and under the Advising link as soon as available: 

Spring 2017 Book List




CJ 1301  001   Introduction to Criminal Justice               Ware, L                  MWF  10:00-10:50                      

CJ 1302  001   Introduction to Homeland Security          Rubin, M                MWF  9:00 -9:50                         

CJ 1307  001   Crime in America                                     Rubin, M               MWF  1:00 -1:50       

CJ 2321  001   Fundamentals of Law                              Shabazz, H            TR      2:00 -3:15                               

CJ 2323  W01  Aspects of Law Enforcement                   Rubin, M                MWF  2:00 -2:50                        

CJ 2351  001   Hate Crimes                                             Ware, L                  TR    9:30 -10:45              

CJ 2353  001   Crimes Against Children                          Ware, L                  MWF  11:00 -11:50                                    

CJ 3303  001   Crime & Justice in the Movies                 Ware, L                  W       6:00 -8:50                        

CJ 3304  W01  Wildlife Law Enforcement                       Scown, R               TBA          Web Delivered         

CJ 3307  W01  Organized Crime                                      Lacox, T                TBA      Web Delivered   

CJ 3322  W01  Cybercrime in the 21st Century                Rubin, M               TBA       Web Delivered    

CJ 4301  W01  Multicultural Studies in CJ                       McGee-Cobb, R     TBA       Web Delivered   

CJ 4302  001   American Courts                                      Cano, E                       T        6:00 -8:50                        

CJ 4302  W01  Critical Issues in Policing                         Hunter, R               TBA     Web Delivered   

CJ 4304  W01  Criminology                                            Ware, L                    TBA        Web Delivered   

CJ 4313  W01  Juvenile Delinquency                               Scown, R                TBA       Web Delivered         

CJ 4320  001   Forensic Ballistics-Handguns                   Hunter, R               TR      11:00 -12:15                    

CJ 4331  W01  Legal Issues in CJ                                  Obinyan, E               TBA      Web Delivered   

CJ 4332  W01  Critical Issues in Corrections                    Hunter, R               TBA    Web Delivered   

CJ 4333  W01  Community Policing                                 Hunter, R               TBA     Web Delivered   

CJ 4335  W01  War on Drugs                                           Hunter, R               TBA     Web Delivered   



CJ 5301  W01  Over. and Admin. of CJ Sys.                   Rubenser, L           TBA      Web Delivered         

CJ 5323  W01  Homeland Security                                   Rubenser, L           TBA     Web Delivered         

CJ 5330  W01  Emerging Issues in H.S Border Security    Rubenser, L           TBA    Web Delivered   

CJ 5331  W01  Hate Crimes                                              Rubenser, L          TBA        Web Delivered   

CJ 5334  W01  Methods of Social Research                     Rubin, M                TBA     Web Delivered   

CJ 5340  W01  Policy Making in C.J.                               Obinyan, E               TBA     Web Delivered   

CJ 5342  W01  Women in Policing                                   Rubenser, L           TBA    Web Delivered