Future Students and Freshmen

Top 10 Career Strategies for Freshmen and Sophomore 


  1. Keep your grades up – Employers and graduate schools want candidates with good grades as it proves your knowledge base and strong work ethic


  1. Identify your interests, skills, values & personal characteristics –first step in clarifying career goals is self- assessing.  Visit the career center or go to the SRSU Career Services website and take SIGI 3


  1. Actively explore career options –This means talking with professionals in occupations of interest and observe professionals on the job.  Your professors, your career center and social media professional networking sites like LinkedIN will help you connect with these folks.  Attend Career expos, fairs and career speaker panels that are offered.


  1. Become active in extracurricular activities and clubs.  Highly valued by employers and grad schools – but do not just join, be active.  Lead, hold office and help coordinate events – gain soft skills that are highly prized by employers.


  1. Get involved in community service. (reason?  See #4)


  1. Develop computer skills – include a web based portfolio of your work.


  1. Develop your writing skills – yes, scientists of all types must write clearly, concisely.


  1. Complete at least one internship in your chosen field.


  1. Gain an appreciation of diversity through study abroad, foreign languages and courses.  It’s a global workforce and these types of experiences during your college years will broaden your experience before you begin your career.
  2.     Use your career center all 4 years.  UC 211C/D         


(abridged by Susan Fox Forrester, SRSU Career Services Director, based on listing by Bob Orndorff, courtesy of National Association of Colleges and Employers, 9/12)