SRSU Departments How to Hire Students On Campus


On Campus Student Employment


  • All open student jobs postings (except graduate assistants) and student applications are to be processed through Career Services.  This includes work study and institutional positions.
  • Departments hiring both work study and institutional student workers will inform Career Services of an opening  by filling out the Student Employment Availability Posting form and emailing it to or by sending it to Box C171 in campus mail.  
  • Once received, Career Services will post the position on-line under the Student Employment posting site of the Career Services SRSU web site, as well as physically post the positions in the UC and other bulletin board sites on campus. 
  • All students are to be directed to Career Services, UC 211 to submit their completed SRSU Student Job Application form.  Once the application form is filled out by the student, Career Services will review for completeness (including work study eligibility) and inform the student of available jobs on campus and the locations.
  • Career Services will keep a copy and record of the student’s application; the student will retain the original application to bring with them to the hiring department.  All student applications will have a Job Application Number filled in the upper right hand corner of the first page of the application indicating the student has applied through Career Services.   Students applying for positions available for Fall sessions will begin with “FA13---”, Summer “SU13---“ and Spring “SP14---“.
  • The hiring departments should verify the Job Application Number is in the upper right hand corner of the first page of the application form.  If it is missing, the hiring department is to ask the student to bring their application to Career Services at the UC 211.
  • The hiring departments will retain complete control regarding who they hire for the department’s open positions.  Career Services may perform pre – application screening to best match a student by the noted qualifications on their applications to the available jobs before recommending the student meet with a department(s) with open positions.
  • Once the hiring department offers a student a job, the department is to continue forwarding the Student Employment Authorization form to the Finance/Budget office two weeks before the anticipated start date to complete the hiring process.
  • Job Posting and student applicant referrals from Career Services will continue until the hiring department has contacted Career Services that their open positions have been filled.  Please contact  ext. 8178  or 8357 regarding the filling of any student position.