TSI Assessment Information for Dual Credit

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A high school student interested in earning dual credit must demontrate that he or she is college ready - just as any entering freshman would.  The Texas Success Initiative - a Texas state law - requires that all college students be assessed for college readiness.  Students may be exempt from this assessment requirement.


ACT - Composite score of 23 (or higher) with a minimum of 19 on the English test shall be exempt for both the reading and writing sections and/or a 19 on the mathematics test shall be exempt for the mathematics section
SAT - A combined critical reading and mathematics score of 1070 with a minimum of 500 on the critical reading test shall be exempt for both reading and writing sections and/or 500 on the mathematics section
STAAR - End‐of‐course with a minimum score of 2000 on English III Reading and Writing and/or 4000 on the Algebra II End‐of‐course exam. (Good for 3 years)
TAKS - 11th Grade Exit Level TAKS scores of 2200 (or higher) on ELA and a 3 (or higher) on Writing Sample and/or 2200 (or higher) on Mathematics

If not exempt from the assessment requirement, the TSI assessment (TSIA) must be taken.  Prior to taking the TSIA, all students are required to complete a pre-assessment activity (PAA).

Pre-Assessment Activity

The Sul Ross PAA can be found here:  http://www.sulross.edu/page/2559/why-placement-testing.  Reading the information on this page is the PAA, so it is important that all the information on this page then follow the link found at the bottom for certification of PAA completion. 

The first question asked on the TSIA is if you have participated in a PAA.  You will not be permitted to proceed if you answer "no" to this question.

Take the Test

Sul Ross State University offers the TSIA on the Alpine campus.  Call Testing Services at (432) 837-8178 to schedule an appointment.  You may also e-mail them at testing@sulross.edu or visit them on the Web at http://www.sulross.edu/page/113/testing-services for more information.  Testing Services will verify that you have completed the PAA prior to administering the test.  If you have not done so, you will have an opportunity to complete the activity before taking the test.

Check Your Scores

The minimum scores for college readiness are as follows:

Reading - 351 or higher
Writing - Essay score of 5and multiple choice score of at least 350 OR multiple choice score of at least 363 with a minimum essay score of 4
Math - 350 or higher

For more information on how to interpret your scores, go to TSI Interpreting Your Score.