Field Equipment

There is no shortage of gear required for river based research trips.  In our river fleet we have 16 canoes, 4 rafts, 2 boat trailers, 2 covered trailers for gear hauling and storage, and at least 30 rubbermaids and coolers of various sizes and shapes which we use to convey all of our gear to and from the field events.  The following is a list of the instruments used by students and faculty while conducting experiments.




Spectra Precision Focus 4 Total Station:  The Focus 4 Total Station Provides quick and accurate measurements of horizontal distance, vertical distance, horizontal and vertical angles, difference in elevations of two observed points and all three coordinates of the observed points.




YSI 556MPS Multi Probe:  The YSI 556MPS is used for evaluating water quality by simultaneously measuring dissolved oxygen, pH, conductivity, temperature, and ORP as well as Dissolved Oxygen, conductivity, and temperature.




SonTek FlowTracker Handheld-ADV:  The FlowTracker ADV (Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter) features an automatic discharge computation and simplifies discharge measurements by giving built-in data quality checks to assist the user in providing a dependable and accurate evaluation of river discharge.




Trimble R6 Base and Rover RTK (Real-Time Kinematic) Paired with Trimble TSC3 controller:  A Trimble R6 GPS receiver setup is used utilizing a base station and rover allowing real time kinematic GPS (Global Positioning System)/GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems) surveying.




Trimble Juno Series Educator:  The Trimble Juno Series is Rugged, lightweight and compact GPS handheld with 5MP camera, 2-5 meter GPS receiver, with built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity as well as a Windows 6.5 Professional operating system. 




Marsh McBirney Flo-Mate:  The Flo-Mate is a lightweight, portable electromagnetic flowmeter that provides instantaneous readout of flow stream velocity, river velocity.




Sequoia LISST Portable:  The LISST-Portable is a battery powered portable laser diffraction particle size analyzer that uses small-angle laser scattering principles to measure particle size, distribution, and particle volume of a water sample.

Teledyne RiverRay:   The RiverRay ADCP or Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler allows safe and fast measurements of flow discharge, velocities, depth, boat speed, and distance of a cross section of river. This information is collecting in real-time coupled with a GPS receiver it allows the user to have a much more complete river profile.




Teledyne StreamPro:   A smaller version of the ADCP this unit allows for measurements of flow discharge, velocities, depth, boat speed, and distance of a cross section of river. However this unit can be used in very low water conditions with low flow in which other types of equipment would have difficulties. Being much smaller and lighter than the RiverRay makes it perfect for the conditions often found on long river trips.

The following are images from our Analytical Lab on campus.

JOEL JSM-6010LA Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM: The SEM is used to obtain microscopic images of samples and to collect information regarding the chemistry of the samples using the attached Energy Dispersive X-Ray spectrometer.