Master of Science in Criminal Justice

2014-2016 Catalog

This program is entirely web based, using Blackboard as its instructional platform

In addition to meeting the university-wide requirements for all Master's degree programs found in this catalog, all students must (1) complete the required core (12 SCH);(2) complete an appropriate number of electives, and (3) successfully complete the comprehensive examination.

Core Courses

  • CJ 5318, Seminar in Criminal Justice Theory
  • CJ 5323, Homeland Security
  • CJ 5325, Graduate Seminar
  • CJ 5334, Methods of Social Research

Elective Courses

  • CJ 5301, Overview and Administration of the Criminal Justice System
  • CJ 5305, White Collar Crime
  • CJ 5306, Drug Abuse
  • CJ 5308, Special Populations in Criminal Justice
  • CJ 5310, Capital Punishment
  • CJ 5311, Advanced Law Enforcement Administration
  • CJ 5313, Seminar in Policing
  • CJ 5314, Seminar in Corrections
  • CJ 5315, Seminar on Courts and Judiciary
  • CJ 5316, Women and Crime
  • CJ 5317, Juvenile Delinquency
  • CJ 5319, Use of Force in Criminal Justice
  • CJ 5321, Domestic Violence
  • CJ 5322, Immigration Issues
  • CJ 5326, Victimology
  • CJ 5328, Seminar on Transnational Crimes
  • CJ 5329, Seminar in Emergency Management and Disaster Preparedness
  • CJ 5330, Emerging Issues in Homeland Security
  • CJ 5331, Topics in Criminal Justice (variable topic course)
  • CJ 5333, Internship
  • CJ 5336, Seminar on Domestic Terrorism
  • CJ 5337, Seminar on International Terrorism

Other graduate level courses are available if upon approval of the Graduate Coordinator. A maximum of 12 sch credit hours from any other university or department at Sul Ross State University will be applied to the graduate degree plan. Undergraduate courses (4000 level) may be available for graduate credit with approval of the instructor and the Graduate Coordinator. A maximum of 6 hours may be taken for graduate credit.

Degree Plans