Master of Science in Homeland Security

2014-2016 Catalog

This program is entirely web based, using Blackboard as its instructional platform

In addition to meeting the university-wide requirements for all Master's degree programs found in this catalog, all students must (1) complete the required core (12 SCH); (2) complete 12 SCH from the set of designated electives; (3) complete 12 SCH of other electives, and (4) successfully complete the comprehensive examination.

Required Core. 12 SCH:

  • CJ 5301         Overview and Administration of the Criminal Justice System
  • CJ 5323         Homeland Security
  • CJ 5325         Graduate Seminar
  • CJ 5334         Legal Research

Designated Electives. 12 SCH:

        Choose 12 SCH from the following:

  •  CJ 5322 Immigration Issues
  • CJ 5328 Seminar on Transnational Crimes
  • CJ 5329 Seminar in Emergency Management and Disaster Preparedness
  • CJ 5330 Emerging Issues in Homeland Security
  • CJ 5336 Seminar on Domestic Terrorism
  • CJ 5337 Seminar on International Terrorism

Other Electives. 12 SCH:

        Students will select 12 SCH of electives from graduate level courses in Criminal Justice or Political Science/Public Administration, or may select courses in other subjects with approval of the Graduate Coordinator.

Degree Plan

              Graduate Degree Plan Homeland Security 2014-2016