Dual Master's Degree HS/PA

Students enrolling in the dual degree program will take all of the required courses for both programs and a series of electives which will be determined through consultation with an advisor. The total course of study will be 54 hours, with 18 hours shared between the two degrees. Upon completion of the course of study, the student will receive an MS in Homeland Security and an MA in Public Administration.

The following courses are required for this course of study:

  • CJ 5301 Overview and Administration of the Criminal Justice System
  • PS 5307 Scope and Methods of Social ScienceĀ  OR CJ 5334, Methods of Social Research
  • CJ 5323 Homeland Security
  • CJ 5325 Graduate Seminar
  • PS 5302 International Relations and Public Policy
  • PS 5303 Public Administration Survey
  • PS 5310 Public Budgeting and Finance
  • PS 5311 Intergovernmental Relations
  • PS 5313 Public Policy Analysis

Students will also take at least two of the following from the Public Administration Courses:

  • PS 5315 Local Government Administration
  • PS 5316 Special Topics in Public Administration
  • PS 5317 Seminar in US Government
  • Students may also retake one of the above if the topic differs

Students will also take at least three of the following from the Homeland Security Courses:

  • CJ 5322 Immigration Issues
  • CJ 5328 Seminar on Transnational Crimes
  • CJ 5329 Seminar in Emergency Management and Disaster Preparedness
  • CJ 5330 Emerging Issues in Homeland Security
  • CJ 5336 Seminar on Domestic Terrorism
  • CJ 5337 Seminar on International Terrorism

Students will also take 12 additional hours of electives from Criminal Justice and Public Administration. These electives should be determined through consultation with an advisor. Nine of the hours may be from a related or support field with approval from advisor, Dr. Lorie Rubenser

Degree Plan

Dual Degree Plan Homeland Security/Public Administration 2014-2016