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UPCOMING SHOW: March 14 - April 15, 2016








  Rachel Black
  Summer Idle
  72 x 46 inches
  Oil on canvas


PICTURE BOOK by Rachel Black

The subject of my work is the casual family snapshot. I choose the images for their composition, their drama or lack thereof; for their awkwardness or beauty. These images are especially evocative because of their universality. Birthday parties, Christmas morning, babies and weddings and potlucks and school plays; many of us share these memories or similar ones from childhood and our later formative years. Photo albums, viewed through the glow of nostalgia, capture a moment which is now out of reach and sometimes deceptively rose-colored. I seek out unexpected, poorly planned or badly staged pictures to attempt to illustrate my conflicting emotions about the past.

Whenever my family gathers now I am acutely aware of a contradiction within myself; I desire the intimacy and security of family togetherness but recoil from a sense of suffocation brought about by expectations, bickering, and my own social awkwardness. I want to explore that contradiction in my paintings. The past is gone, but by working with these images I can tap into a poignant connection with an idealism of family belonging and warmth which I still (futilely?) maintain.

Rachel Black holds an MFA in Studio Art from the University of North Texas and a BA in Studio Art from the University of Dallas. She is a Senior Lecturer and Coordinator of Drawing Core at the UNT College of Visual Arts & Design.

Black has shown regionally at Gallery 414 and UNT Artspace FW in Fort Worth; 500X, Craighead Green, Baylor Health Sciences Library and the Jeanette Kennedy Gallery in Dallas; the Irving Art Center in Irving; UNT On the Square in Denton, and Cedar Valley College in Lancaster. She was part of a team which painted two monumental Sol LeWitt murals at DFW Airport Terminal D and has taught workshops at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. She is represented in the permanent collections of the University of Dallas in Irving, TX and the Texas Forestry Museum in Lufkin, TX.

About the Gallery

Sul Ross State University has maintained an art gallery on campus for the enjoyment of students, faculty, and the people in the surrounding community. Opened in the 1950's, the gallery serves well the primary objective: that of encouraging art students and providing public exposure. Another goal of the gallery is to provide cultural enrichment for this campus, the people of Alpine, and other area communities.

The gallery is also open to artists outside the university. Shows include single exhibitors and group exhibitions. One event in particular, the Annual Spring SRSU Student Art Show, hosts over 20 talented participants. This show is open to currently enrolled students at Sul Ross regardless of major. The 21.5' x 28.5' gallery space creates a sense of intimacy and ambiance for a myriad of exhibits.

The gallery space is lit by indirect track lighting which can be adjusted as needed. This enables the exhibitor to enhance each piece to his or her specifications.  The gallery is located on the first floor of the Francois Fine Arts Building.

Guest Artist Program

The Guest Artist Program brings artists to campus during the summer sessions to provide contacts with practicing artists. This program provides yet another unique dimension to Sul Ross. All non-student exhibitors are asked to donate 20 percent of sales to the Sul Ross Art Program Scholarship Fund.

Gallery is open 8:00am-5:00pm M-F

Located on the First Floor of the Francois Fine Arts Building, Room 102

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