Orbital Resonance, or the Wonder of Sound and Light by Kevin Ramler

An interactive installation that responds to visitor generated sounds with a changing display of ceramic lights.

Orbital Resonance or the Wonder of Sound and Light is an interactive, listening installation.   I provided lights and a program that listens to the room and I hope you will provide the sound.  Sing, play instruments, shout, laugh, or plug in your tunes then sit and watch how the patterns of light change in response to new sounds.


The ceramic lights are connected to an arduino which executes two functions. The breathe function fades in and out on a 15 second loop, how quickly it fades is inversely related to the volume the program senses.  The react function flickers brighter and dimmer in a real time response to changes in volume.


I am interested in the places where forces meet—  the intersection between contemporary and traditional, the contrast between handmade and mass produced.  I work in the ancient mediums of carpentry and ceramics, and I incorporate new media like light, sound, electronics, and performance.  I create interactive objects and immersive environments that enrich people’s lives and transform art viewers into art users.  

February 1-26, 2016

Works will be on display weekdays, 8am-5pm in the Fine Arts Gallery, FAB 102

Reception and Artist Talk

February 26, 2016


Fine Arts Gallery, FAB 102


Artist Workshop

February 27, 2016


Art Annex


For more information call the Fine Arts and Communication Department at 432-837-8218 or visit

Artist Bio
Kevin Dean Ramler was born on a Tuesday.  When he was 12 years old he bought a jaw harp at a museum gift shop while on a family road trip tracing the path of the Oregon Trail.  In 2005, he abandoned his dream of becoming a theatre major and took ceramics class at Richland Community College.  Since then, he has received two art degrees, made thousands of things, become an museum designer, and adopted two dogs and two cats.  He currently lives with his wife in Aztec, New Mexico and designs exhibits for the Farmington Museum System.
Kevin thinks that his art can help other people explore their own creative impulse and so he creates objects and events that people can use to make their own art, sounds, and stories.  It's a whole, big thing with lots of layers, but that’s not important right now.
Like most artists Kevin can be a bit insecure, occasionally he is riddled with self-doubt, but mostly he thinks what he does is awesome. Kevin hopes you like his work, if you do you can see more of it at his website If you want to see pictures of his work in progress, his pets, and his adventures in homebrewing and hiking you can follow him on instagram @kevindeanramler.

About the Gallery

Sul Ross State University has maintained an art gallery on campus for the enjoyment of students, faculty, and the people in the surrounding community. Opened in the 1950's, the gallery serves well the primary objective: that of encouraging art students and providing public exposure. Another goal of the gallery is to provide cultural enrichment for this campus, the people of Alpine, and other area communities.

The gallery is also open to artists outside the university. Shows include single exhibitors and group exhibitions. One event in particular, the Annual Spring SRSU Student Art Show, hosts over 20 talented participants. This show is open to currently enrolled students at Sul Ross regardless of major. The 21.5' x 28.5' gallery space creates a sense of intimacy and ambiance for a myriad of exhibits.

The gallery space is lit by indirect track lighting which can be adjusted as needed. This enables the exhibitor to enhance each piece to his or her specifications.  The gallery is located on the first floor of the Francois Fine Arts Building.

Guest Artist Program

The Guest Artist Program brings artists to campus during the summer sessions to provide contacts with practicing artists. This program provides yet another unique dimension to Sul Ross. All non-student exhibitors are asked to donate 20 percent of sales to the Sul Ross Art Program Scholarship Fund.

Gallery is open 8:00am-5:00pm M-F

Located on the First Floor of the Francois Fine Arts Building, Room 102

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