Sully's Orientation, Advising, and Registration (SOAR)


Congratulations on taking next step toward your college education! 

At the Office of New Student Programs, we are committed to making your transition to Sul Ross State University as smooth, informative, and fun as possible.

Sully’s Orientation, Advising, and Registration (S.O.A.R.) is designed to assist you in preparing for academic and social life at SRSU, while providing you the opportunity to get advised, register for classes, and finish any business transactions you need to complete before the semester starts.

At S.O.A.R. you will:

  • Learn about the academic programs offered at SRSU
  • Meet the academic community and learn classroom expectations
  • Be advised and registered for classes
  • Talk with financial aid counselors about your financial aid package
  • Check in with Residential Living and make housing arrangements

S.O.A.R. Dates for Fall 2018 semester:

In order to ensure a high quality S.O.A.R. experience for each particpant, each date will be limited to the first 80 registrants. Participants can register for each date on a first come, first served basis, and each date will be removed from selection as its limit is reached. 

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  • June 9, 2018 - Saturday (registration for June 9th is CLOSED)
  • June 22, 2018 - Friday (registration for June 22nd is CLOSED)
  • July 7, 2018 - Saturday (registration for July 7th is CLOSED)
  • July 13, 2018 - Friday (registration for July 13th is CLOSED)
  • July 27, 2018 - Friday (registration for July 27th is CLOSED)
  • August 10, 2018 - Friday (registration for August 10th is CLOSED)
  • August 24, 2018 - Friday


A full schedule for each SOAR Day event will be posted prior to the date and will also be emailed to registrants. Please find below the most current schedule for SOAR, and note that while locations may change, the overall structure and times will remain constant for each event.


Overnight Option

The June 9, 2018 and July 7, 2018 SOAR event will occur on a Saturday and is offered in conjunction with an overnight stay in the SRSU Residential Living facilities on Friday. Please contact for more information about this option. Space is limited, is offered as available, and is only available to students. Interested students must make reservations with Residential Life to reserve their room (RESERVE ROOM HERE), and parents need to make separate overnight plans. Please note there is a standard $30.00 charge for reserving a room. All students staying in the residential living units must complete a GUEST HOUSING AGREEMENT. For more information on guest housing, click here. Residential Life can be contacted at or 432-837-8190.

Students staying overnight in the dorms will need to furnish their own: sleeping bag, or sheets and blanket; towel; and pillow to use in the dorms


Things to do before attending a S.O.A.R.


All first-time college students must complete the Texas Success Initiative Assessment (TSIA), and submit a Pre-Assessment Activity (PAA) Certification prior to registration and attending S.O.A.R. Please see our TSIA webpage for more information concerning the assessment requirements and PAA Certification requirements. Scores must be on file before you can register for classes.

Call Anita Banegas (432-837-8982) in the Lobo Den to check your TSIA status if you are unsure

You must know your A-number and PIN, or Lobo ID (your SRSU email without the part) and password to set this up
Click here for details on how to access LoboPass

Lobo Online is how you check your registration status, add/drop classes, view your account balance, check financial aid status, etc.
If you cannot remember how to login, set up your LoboPass (password management) account
Click here for details on how to access Lobo-Online

You might want to write down, or take a picture of, your A-number, PIN, Lobo ID, and password. You will need these for SOAR.