QEP Oversight Committee Goals and Timeline


Summative Evaluation of the Goals for the QEP

Throughout the QEP cycle, we will gather data for use in our final assessment and evaluation, which will summarize trends emerging from the five years of the project’s active existence. We will aim to answer the three questions in our final report:

  • What did we do?
  • Did the QEP increase student learning in the area of communication?
  • Did the QEP result in improvements, including increases in student learning, that helped to accomplish the mission of the university?



FY16 2015-2016

  • QEP Oversight Committee formation for monthly meetings
  • QEP Oversight Committee examined surveys of staff and students and isolated “communication” as a target to address
  • QEP Subcommittees formed to discuss and define the topic of communication
  • QEP Subcommittees presented their takes on communication to the entire SR campus and community
  • Communicate committee work to stakeholders
  • Formation of a campus QEP implementation office

FY17 2016-17

  • QEP Oversight Committee reformed/additional members added
  • Specify scope of the QEP
  • Identify principal elements of the QEP
  • Present theme and scope to EC to gain approval and support
  • Divide into subcommittees for SLOs, Assessment, Budget, Publicity
  • Complete early draft of SLOs
  • Begin development of an assessment protocol
  • Communicate committee work to stakeholders
  • Develop and maintain a QEP website
  • Research best practices
  • Completion of an early draft of the QEP
  • Factor QEP implementation plan and budget into the campus budget conversation
  • Coordinators generate QEP annual report
  • John Hardt visits SRSU June 6, 2017

FY18 2017-2018

  • Selection and approval of QEP Lead Evaluator by October 1, 2017
  • Complete the assessment protocol
  • Continue communication efforts across campus
  • Garner broad based faculty input on the QEP
  • Development of rubric for direct assessments
  • Conduct focus groups with students to garner broad based student input
  • Complete drafts of Timeline, Organizational Structure, and Resources
  • Complete draft of Budget
  • Begin process of obtaining approval for initiatives and assessments
  • Finalize QEP to begin final approval process
  • Prepare final QEP for submission to SACSCOC by February 15, 2018
  • Prepare for SACSCOC visit April 3-5, 2018

FY19 2019-2020

  • QEP Implementation Committee initiates QEP
  • Assess student artifacts
  • Administer assessment
  • Continue communication efforts across campus
  • Coordinators generate QEP annual report