Master of Science (Non-Thesis)

Master of Science in Animal Science (Non-Thesis)

The master of agriculture program requires 36 hours of graduate work and includes the following courses:

  • ANSC 5101 Graduate Seminar (two registrations)
  • ANSC 5301 Seminar in Animal Science*
  • ANSC 5307 Physiology and Biochemistry of Muscle as a Food
  • ANSC 5309 Advanced Animal Nutrition
  • ANSC 5310 Advanced Reproduction Physiology
  • ANSC 5311 Scientific Writing
  • ANSC 5312 Biostatistical Analysis I
  • ANSC 5313 Biostatistical Analysis II
  • ANSC 5317 Agricultural Biochemistry
  • ANSC 5318 Agricultural Genetics

*One registration from Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics, International Development Agriculture or Commodity Futures and Options Trading.