Learning Communities

What is a Learning Community?

A Learning Community is a group of freshmen with the same major or interests who take two or three of their classes together at Sul Ross. It's a voluntary program that assists first-year students academically and socially. This gives them many opportunities to work together, get to know each other and learn together. The faculty in each learning community collaborate with each other in order to develop connections among the classes: relating content, assignments, and activities in one class with content, assignments, and activities in other Learning Community classes.

Benefits of Learning Communities

There are many benefits to learning communities. You can easily form study groups with other students in your classes and your GPA and retention rates will be consistently higher. And for social reasons, you will meet fellow students with interests similar to yours, form friendships, and make connections on campus. Much research has been done on learning communities, indicating that well-designed learning communities benefit students in many ways. For example, students who participate in learning communities:

  • Have more opportunities to express themselves orally and in writing in academic contexts;
  • Develop their academic skills more fully;
  • Are more engaged or involved in learning experiences and in college life;
  • Experience greater intellectual development;
  • Report higher levels of satisfaction with their college or university;
  • Are more likely to complete their courses and stay in school;
  • And tend to earn higher grades.

The LCs will require a Freshman Seminar. The seminar, taught by a graduate assistant, introduces students to university facilities and resources, and provides the opportunity to interact with each other.  Seminars will provide entering students more systematic support during their transition from high school to a university learning environment by helping to integrate the academic, social and developmental issues facing students, facilitating the formation of study groups and giving students support through sessions with graduate assistants and peer mentors.

For information about Sul Ross learning communities or to find out how to sign up, contact the Title V office at (432) 837-8982 or stop by SRSU Lawrence Hall 102.