Students should maintain a copy of their degree plan and update it at the end of each semester. Bring this degree plan and the proposed schedule to the advisor. Students who do not have a copy of their degree plan may acquire one from the CJ department secretary

Graduates and Post-baccalaureates

For registration dates for future terms and a link to detailed registration instructions, visit


All undergraduates must be advised in order to register.   To determine where you must go to be advised, check your holds on LoboOnLine.  Log into LoboOnLine (Banner Self-Service) with your student ID and PIN.  Select Students, then Student Records, then “View Holds on Your Records”.  If you see “Must See Lobo Den Advisor”, contact the Lobo Den at (432) 837-8982 for an advising appointment.  If you see “Must See Major Advisor”, contact your major department for an advising appointment.  If there are any other holds that prevent registration, you must clear these holds before making an advising appointment.

For registration dates for future terms and for detailed registration instructions, please visit

Students should contact their advisors during posted office hours or make an appointment by coming to the CJ office or calling the secretary at (432) 837-8166.

Dr. Robert Hunter -- Sophomores.

Ms. Suzi Belles-- Sophomores.

Ms. Liza Ware-- Juniors

Dr. Lorie Rubenser -- Seniors, Transfer Students, and Graduate Students.

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Students are also encourarged to purchase the required text books for each class they are enrolled in.  In order to facilitate student ability to purchase their books, book lists are made available for forthcoming semesters at roughly the same time as registration becomes available.  Students can access the book lists from the following link:

Sul Ross State University also maintains a syllabi database where students can find syllabi for current and past semesters.  Use this database to help find information on various classes including past assignments, course definitions, etc.