PCICP Requirements

The certification process involves three parts:


  1. What You Teach
  • Must have a degree major OR 24 semester credit hours total with 12 of the 24 being upper level (as in Junior, Senior or graduate level classes) in your teaching field.
  • While you are taking your Post-Baccalaureate Initial Certification Program classes you must take and pass the State Certification Exam TExES content test of your selected certification area. This test proves your content proficiency. If you haven’t been admitted to the Post-Baccalaureate Initial Certification Program you can take the Pre-admission content test (PACT) please see information about registering for the PACT included in this information package.

Note: if you are pursuing EC-6 Generalist or EC-6 Bilingual Generalist certification, you must take and pass the content test before your internship or clinical teaching.


II. How You Teach – The State refers to the “how you teach” component of the certification process as Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities (PPR)

  • Must complete education coursework for Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities (PPR) – eighteen semester credit hours);
  • Must pass the State Certification Exam - TExES PPR.  Beginning September 2011 all applicants will be required to take the EC-12 TExES PPR.  Course #5360 will prepare you for this exam.  You will take this course after you have completed the majority of your coursework and indicated readiness by passing a simulated practice PPR exam and receiving a minimum score of 260.


Instruction in the following required classes will teach you how to prepare lesson plans, how to maintain discipline in your classroom, ethics, legal issues, and other professional responsibilities of teaching.


            1st Course        ED 5310          Organization & Structure of Public School Curriculum

            2nd Course        ED 5311          Improvement of Instruction in Public Schools

            3rd Course        ED 5324          Advanced Educational Psychology

            4th Course        ED 6313          Teaching Reading in the Content Areas

            5th Course        ED 5316          Diversity in Public Education

             6th Course       ED 5360          Professional Roles & Responsibilities (Requires completion of

                                                                  at least 9 certification course credits prior to enrollment.)


The order in which these courses are taken may be adjusted depending on the class schedule per semester and individual needs.  See your advisor for schedule adjustments.


  1.   Experience
  • Observation Hours
  • You must log (keep documentation) of at least 30 clock-hours of field-based experience (classroom observation)
  • Prior to clinical teaching or internship.  30 clock-hours of field-based experience may be provided by use of electronic transmission, or other video or technology based method.


Two of your educational classes will facilitate the 30 clock-hour time needed.  ED5310 and ED 5311 will each require 15 clock-hours of field-based experience (classroom observation) as part of the course work.


  • Teaching experience
  • The State requires that candidates complete a teaching experience.  This can be accomplished by either doing Option 1 or Option 2.


Option 1 – Internship


*Students must be fully admitted to the PBIC program to enroll in the internship.  Registration for these classes is restricted to approved, fully admitted students.  To initiate enrollment, send and email to the Post Bac certification officer.


You must complete one full year (two semesters) of teaching as a “teacher of record” in a

public or accredited private school in the area and at the level for which you are seeking certification.  Teachers must apply for a probationary certificate and enroll in the Internship in Teaching courses listed below:


                                    ED 5300          Internship in Teaching I

                                    ED 5301          Internship in Teaching II


Students in the PBIC program should complete at least 6 semester credit hours (ED 5310 and ED 5311) of the certification coursework prior to entering the classroom on the probationary certificate.


If you are offered a position with a school district, please notify the SRSU Certification Office.  We will prepare a “Statement of Eligibility for Internship” and fax it to your school district to confirm that you are in our program and are ready to enter a teaching position.  This “Statement of Eligibility for Internship” form requires the school district to enter your teaching assignment, campus, and start date and return the completed form to Sul Ross.  We need this form to complete our recommendation for your probationary certificate.


Upon employment, you will need to apply for the probationary certificate through the Texas Education Agency (http://www.tea.state.tx.us) (see step-by-step instructions below).


Additional Course Fees:  While you are doing your internship you will be observed in your classroom 3 times per year by a Sul Ross mentor.  If your internship placement is within 250 miles from Alpine your fee will be $200 per semester to cover travel expenses.  If your placement is more than 250 miles from Alpine, your fee per semester will be $300.

NOTE:  If not certified during the first year of internship, you must continue internship enrollment for each semester that you are teaching until fully certified,

not to exceed three years.


Option 2 – Clinical Teaching

At the completion of all coursework, you will participate in a 12 week  unpaid clinical teaching experience.  During this time you will gain teaching experience under a certified teacher at a TEA recognized school.  You will NOT be the teacher of record, but you will be responsible for teaching and the day-to-day school activities during the 12 week period.


You will need to register for:


            ED 5327          Clinical Teaching in the Post Baccalaureate Program.



NOTE: For candidates who elect to complete  non-paid student teaching in lieu of employment:  Candidates who do not obtain employment and choose to complete a student teaching assignment must have completed all of the required certification coursework (18 semester credit hours) prior to the student teaching semester.  Candidates must APPLY to student teach one semester before the student teaching assignment is planned.  Please contact the PBICP coordinator for specific application deadlines.