Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)



SRSU's QEP Plan (DRAFT) QEP Executive Summary (DRAFT)


Compass: Navigating Excellence through Effective Communication

QEP-level SLOs will be infused into junior and senior-level courses in all SRSU’s undergraduate colleges (Education and Professional Studies, Arts and Sciences, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences, RGC) through identified Communication-Infused Courses called Mapped Classes.

As a result of Compass, we strive to:

  • Increase opportunities for students to demonstrate competency in written, oral and visual communication through peer-reviewed or other externally-validated scholarship.
  • Enhance the capacity of educators to teach communication skills through increased professional development opportunities via the development of a university-wide showcase of faculty innovation and scholarship in communication instruction.


The following Student Learning Outcomes (QEP SLOs) will be assessed yearly:

  • The student will demonstrate effective development and expression of ideas in writing.
  • The student will exhibit skill in prepared, purposeful oral communication of material or concepts.
  • The student will create and deliver visual works that facilitate audience understanding of a central message or purpose.