HITAP and MC-SRSU Science Initiative

Get a four-year degree from Sul Ross while at Midland College

Both HITAP and the Science Initiative, participants in the Midland College-Sul Ross Distance Education Program, offer opportunities for Midland College students to earn four-year degrees from Sul Ross while staying in Midland. HITAP launched on October 1, 2010. The Science Initiative began on October 1, 2002. Under HITAP, 63 Sul Ross courses are being converted to Distance Education courses. Some courses are broadcast to Midland College via interactive television (itv), some are web-based, and some are hybrids of web content mixed with itv broadcasts. HITAP students can earn four-year degrees in Education and Kinesiology; Science Initiative students can earn four-year degrees in Biology, Geology, and Mathematics. Many Midland-based students have graduated from Sul Ross, and many more are currently seeking four-year degrees.

HITAP is funded by a United States Department of Education grant at Sul Ross State University in cooperation with Midland College.
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  • Am I eligible to become a Distance Education student? If you are a Midland College student interested in seeking a bachelor's degree in Education, Kinesiology, Biology, Geology, or Mathematics, you are eligible.
  • How does the Distance Education program work? Midland College students take Sul Ross's junior- and senior-level courses and earn a Bachelor's Degree.
  • How do I get started? For Education, Kinesiology, Biology, Geology, or Mathematics, contact Transfer Specialist: Missy Shenkman, 432.685.6454, msch4288@sulross.edu, or stop by AHSF 127 at Midland College.
  • Can I be enrolled at both Sul Ross and Midland College at the same time? Yes. To learn more, contact your Transfer Specialist.
  • What about financial aid? Financial Aid will be handled through a Consortium Agreement at Midland College. To learn more, contact your Transfer Specialist depending on your area of interest.
  • Is there a fee to apply at Sul Ross? Yes, but the application fee will be waived if you make your arrangements through your Transfer Specialist.
  • More questions? Contact your Transfer Specialist today!


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