Suggested Course Plan For Undecided Majors

This is a suggested outline of courses for a student who is undecided about a major. This course outline ensures the Common Core Curriclum is met by the end of the second year. This plan also parallels the Bachelor of Arts in General Studies.

First Semester Freshman Year
ENG 1301 Composition and Rhetoric I 3
MATH 1310 University Math 3
HIST 1301 History of the United States to 1877 3
BIOL 1401 General Botany, GEOL 1401 Introductory Geology I or SPAN 1401 First Year College Spanish 4
COMM 1303 Introduction to Speech Communication 3
PE 1150 Concepts of Wellness 1
Second Semester Freshman Year
ENG 1302 Composition and Rhetoric II 3
HIST 1302 History of the United States since 1877 3
MATH 1315 University Algebra or MATH 1316 Trigonometry 3
BIOL 1402 General Biology, GEOL 1402 Introductory Geology II or SPAN 1402 First Year College Spanish 4
FA 1301 Fine Arts Appreciation 3
PE 1153 Physical Activity 1
First Semester Sophomore Year
ENG 2301 Literary Types 3
GEOG 1302 World Regional Geography 3
PS 2306 State Government 3
Course in Student's Major or Elective 3
Course in Student's Major or Elective 3
Second Semester Sophomore Year
Course in Student's Major or Elective 3
Course in Student's Major or Elective 3
PS 2305 Federal Government 3
PSY 2309 Human Sexuality 3
MAS 2301 Introduction to Mexican-American Studies 3




For more than 80 years the university has been providing excellent undergraduate and master's degree opportunities in West Texas. A full complement of academic programs await students here.

Offering Job Skills You Need

agricultural programs

At Sul Ross, we prepare you to successfully launch your professional career, confident and well prepared.

Some schools focus their attention on faculty research and on publishing articles in academic journals.

We know that a university's true purpose is to provide students with what they need to succeed professionally.

That's why we focus on teaching real students real-world skills. Our success is ultimately measured by the success you attain in your career and in your life.

Compare SRSU's Class Sizes

labsMost freshman classes at the big state schools are from 200-800 students each! And sometimes the professor just lectures over a large-screen TV.

Not so at Sul Ross, where the average class size is 20 students.

Students are pleasantly surprised by how much attention professors can give them when classes are kept small. You'll quickly see the difference it makes when you have professors who really get to know you and find out what your needs really are.

General Academic Information

Arts and Sciences

College of Arts and Sciences

FERG 108
Box C-88
Alpine, Texas 79832

Phone: (432) 837-8368
Fax: (432) 837-8382


Dr. Jay Downing

Carol Greer
Administrative Secretary

Welcome to the SRSU College of Arts and Sciences.

The College of Arts and Sciences is home to undergraduate degrees and graduate degrees housed in five academic departments:  Behavioral and Social Sciences, Biology, Geology, and Physical Sciences, Computer Science and Mathematics, Fine Arts and Communications, and Languages and Literature.  The Office of the Dean directly administers the Bachelor of  Arts in General Studies and the Master of Arts in Liberal Arts.

Additionally, the College of Arts and Sciences houses the Academic Center for Excellence and the Rio Grande Research Center.  The Academic Center for Excellence offers Sul Ross students opportunities to develop their academic possibilities  through the honors program, developmental courses, tutorial labs, academic skills workshops, and special initiatives such as the Lobo Literati League.  The Rio Grande Research Center houses sponsored research in the biological, earth, and physical sciences.

Three special convocations of the faculty, staff, and students are held annually to recognize excellence in research:  The Arts and Sciences Spring Lecture, the McNair-Tafoya Symposium, and the Arts and Sciences Graduate  Showcase.  The Dean of Arts and Sciences also hosts Starburst Saturday, an annual program held in the planetarium introducing young people to astronomy and physics.

Please contact the College of Arts and Sciences if you need further information about the College of Arts and Sciences at Sul Ross State University.  


Sul Ross Sate University offers students with many resources to help with their academic programs and also grow as a person with many extra curricular activities. Below is a list of departments which can be contacted for more help/growth.

Please visit their website for more information.


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