Undergraduate Academic Appeals Committee

Responsibilities: The responsibilities of the committee are to:

1. Make annual reviews and recommendations on the university policies on academic probation and suspension.
2. Make recommendations on student appeals which may be referred to the committee by the Director of Records and Registration. Students must make their appeals in writing by the established deadline and be willing to meet with the committee.

Primary Responsibility Area: Academic

Membership: Committee shall consist of seven members appointed by the President including four faculty members nominated by the Faculty Assembly, the Vice President for Enrollment Management, and two members from the Counseling Center.

Term: 3-year

Chair: VP for Enrollment Management

Members Expiration of Term
Rebecca Wren, Counseling and Advising Center 9/30/2016
Mary Schwartze, Counseling and Advising Center 9/30/2018
Galen Privitt, Education 9/30/2018
Donald Freed, Fine Arts and Communication 9/30/2016
Carol Fairlie, Fine Arts and Communication 9/30/2017
Elizabeth Measures, Biology, Geology, and Physical Sciences 9/30/2016
Mary Beth Marks, Vice President for Enrollment Management  - Chair (except on appeals) ex officio-voting