Academic Committee

Responsibilities: Serves as the chief academic policy advisory body in matters relating to academic budgeting, curriculum revision and development, academic program planning, faculty personnel matters, academic standards, the graduate program, and faculty research. The committee serves as the forum for the final review and discussion of policies, procedures and practices that involve collaboration and coordination among and between the academic schools and divisions.

Primary Responsibility Area: All University

Membership: On basis of position (Executive Vice Presiden/Provost, academic deans (4), Dean of the Library and Information Technologies, Director of Teacher Education, Chief Information Officer, AVP for Enrollment Management, AVP for University Services, RGC Director of Admissions, University Registrar, Director of Institutional Research, HB5 College Placement Course Coordinator and one faculty member nominated by the Faculty Assembly.)

Term: Continuing

Chair: Executive Vice President and Provost

Jim Case, Executive Vice President and Provost, Chair
Verónica Méndez-Maqueo, Associate Provost/Dean of the Rio Grande College
Bonnie Warnock, Dean of Agricultural & Natural Resource Sciences
Jay Downing, Dean of Arts & Sciences
Sharon Hileman, Dean of the Graduate College, Faculty Assembly Representative
Pamela Pipes, University Registrar
April Aultman Becker, Dean of Library & Research Technologies
Diana Rodriguez, Director of Teacher Education
David Gibson, Chief Information Officer
Leo Dominguez, Associate Vice President for University Services Dean of Students
Kathy Stein, Executive Director, Student Success
Claudia Wright, RGC Director of Admissions, Records and Student Services
Alejandra Villalobos Meléndez, Director of Institutional Research and Effectiveness
Lisa Harris, Vice President for Enrollment Management