Alcohol and Other Drug Education Coalition Committee

Responsibilities: The committee is charged with developing, implementing and evaluating a social norms and environmental management program aimed at reducing student, faculty, and staff problems related to alcohol and other drug use and resulting interpersonal violence through programs and policy recommendations. The committee will also conduct the DFSCA Biennial Review and prepare the DFSCA Biennial Report.

Primary Responsibility Area: Alpine Campus

Membership: Committee shall consist of 13 members appointed by the President, including two students who will serve a one-year term, two faculty members with interest and knowledge in alcohol education who will serve three-year terms and the following ex-officio members: representative from Counseling and Prevention Services, the Coordinator of Health Services, the Director of Athletics, a representative from ANRS, Dean of Student Life, Director of Residential Living, Campus Activities Coordinator, Director of UDPS, and the Director of Human Resources or designee.

Term: 1-year, 3-year, and ex-officio as determined by position

Chair: Elected by membership

Members Expiration of Term
Vacant, Student Representative 9/30/2015
Vacant, Student Representative 9/30/2015
Dr. Bibi Gutierrez, Faculty Representative 9/30/2019
Ms. Rebecca Wren, Counseling Center ex officio
Mr. Bobby Mesker, Athletic Director ex officio
Mr. John Hughes, Health Services ex officio
Mr. Leo Dominguez, Dean of Student Life ex officio
Mr. Brad Gwatney, Residential Living ex officio
Mr. Kent Dunegan, Director, UDPS ex  officio
Dr. Rob Kinucan, ANRS Representative ex officio
Ms. Karlin DeVoll, Director, Human Resources ex officio