Faculty Members Publish Text

 The front cover of "Ethnic Realities of Mexican Americans: From Colonialism to 21st Century Globalization" was designed by Trevor Ollech of Charles C. Thomas, Publisher, Ltd.

By Laura Nelson

Dr. Martin Guevara Urbina, Dr. Joel E. Vela, and Dr. Juan O. Sánchez have co-authored and published "Ethnic Realities of Mexican Americans: From Colonialism to 21st Century Globalization."

According to the description of the book found on the publisher's website, the text explores the ethnic experience of the Mexican American community in the United States. It is intended for use by professionals in sociology, history, ethnic studies, Mexican American studies, law, and political science.

Dr. Urbina has penned a number of scholarly publications, including several books, and is Professor of Criminal Justice at Rio Grande College. He also serves as the Graduate Coordinator for the University's Criminal Justice Department. Dr. Vela teaches history courses as an adjunct professor at RGC and Dr. Sánchez is the Director of Institutional Reporting & Assessment for Texas A&M University at Galveston.

The book may be ordered directly from Charles C. Thomas Publisher Ltd. at www.ccthomas.com and is also available on www.amazon.com.