Landin Earns U.S. Marshals Service Internship

Viridiana Landin

By Laura Nelson

Viridiana Landin is passionate about criminal justice-not because she wants to see anyone punished, but because she sees her eventual role as more of a mentor, especially to minorities.

She is particularly articulate when talking about how she, as a Latina, can act as a role model and encourage others to turn their lives around by making better decisions, continuing their education, and staying out of the criminal justice system.

Landin is learning firsthand how she might be able to help those accused of federal crimes. She recently landed the first internship ever offered with the U.S. Marshals Service in Del Rio. Although she only started about a month ago, she said, "It is very different from what I expected. I am always excited to be there!"

So far, she has been studying the policies of the Marshals Service, archiving documents, and attending court. She will be allowed to ride along as officers conduct business, such as executing warrants and she hopes to one day travel to San Antonio to see detainees being airlifted to another location. The U.S. Marshals Service encompasses a variety of responsibilities including federal judicial security, fugitive investigations and apprehensions, asset forfeiture, federal prisoner operations and transportation and the Witness Security Program.

The Eagle Pass High School graduate knows about hard work. By day, she is a Rio Grande College student plus an intern in Del Rio two days a week, and by night she works 12-hour, overnight shifts as a dispatcher for the Kickapoo Tribal Police. Despite a shortage of sleep, Viridiana continues the rigorous schedule knowing it will pay off.

Viridiana plans to graduate in May with a degree in criminal justice and hopes to eventually become a federal probation officer. Her work ethic, coupled with her can-do attitude, should see her through anything she decides she wants to do.