Mexican Government Funds Scholarships

Those celebrating at the scholarship ceremony held Friday, Mar. 24 in Del Rio were, from left to right, Mexican consul Carlos Obrador and students Daniela Velazco, Sandra George, Guadalupe Romero, Maria Chapa, Jose Limon, and RGC Vice President Paul Sorrels. Other recipients not pictured are Edith Trevino, Maria Ortega, and Azucena Villanueva.

By Laura Nelson

Del Rio–In a ceremony held Friday, Mar. 24, Carlos Obrador, the Mexican consul in Del Rio, and Paul Sorrels, Vice President of Sul Ross State University Rio Grande College, celebrated eight RGC students who won scholarships.

The students, all living in the Del Rio area, have benefited from the generosity of the Mexican government through its Institute for Mexicans Abroad (IME) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The IME Becas (scholarships) are provided to Mexican nationals and students with close to ties to Mexico who are enrolled in higher education programs in other countries. In addition to improving accessibility to education, the funds promote higher education so their citizens may contribute to the enrichment of the host country.

The 2017 recipients include the following students who are pursuing bachelor’s degrees that lead EC-6 bilingual generalist teaching certification Maria Chapa, Jose Limon, Edith Trevino, and Daniela Velazco. Other awardees are Sandra George, who is also pursuing a teaching degree; Maria Ortega, who is working towards a mathematics degree; and Guadalupe Romero and Azucena Villanueva, both studying for degrees in Spanish.

IME-Becas funds help support Mexican national students living in the Del Rio area and enrolled in undergraduate or graduate studies at RGC. For more information or to apply, contact Julia Alderete, Student Support Specialist on the Del Rio campus at 830.703.4812.